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Longview, TX 75605  
Our Food Service Drivers: Becky, Tony and David will cater
YOUR food machine to your employees' preferences.
Our food service is a main focus of
Robert's Coffee &
Vending Service. We have our own line of quality food plus
the very best food available from various suppliers. We are
constantly researching food quality and variety to offer the best
available products for your employees.

Call and we can schedule a sampling for your company!
We can also install hot
beverage vending
machines dispensing fresh
brewed coffee, cocoa,
cappaccino, etc.
For our larger food
customers, we can
provide a condiment
stand for a microwave
and to keep your
condiments, and utensils
organized and tidy.
Our machines are capable of “feeding”
a workforce. A hard working group of employees requires
sustenance to get the job done and
Robert's Coffee & Vending Service delivers.

Full entrées, combo meals, ethnic foods, salads and delicatessen
style sandwiches are the fuel to keep the engine of your workplace
humming along.

Have more than one shift? Our machines have “selling zones” that
gives each shift its slice of the pie. The turret can be segmented
by time to give each group of employees a full stock of items for
their time on the clock.

With the tightest temperature control in the industry, you can rest
assured products will be at their best. The Health Control Temperature
Setting in our machines are computer monitored to guarantee freshness.

Our machines have class-leading design and durability. You
can count on our machines to perform for associates day after
day without the nuisance of service calls burdening your business.
The average age of food equipment in locations today is estimated
to be more than 8 years old. Robert's Coffee & Vending Service's average age is
less than three.