343 Johnny Clark Road    903.643.9093
Longview, TX 75605  
Robert's Coffee & Vending Service carries a full line of teas and coffee including:
filter pack, vacuum pack (we supply filters), Kcups, flavored coffees and whole bean coffee in a
variety of roasts.

We are proud to offer Folgers and a select group of regional brands. We supply machines that stand
alone or are integrated into your water lines for convenience.

Kcups are a popular option and we provide a wide range of coffee, flavored coffees, hot and cold
teas, flavored teas (we carry peach and raspberry but special orders are welcome!), cappuccino and
hot chocolate.

Tea comes in 1 and 3 oz packages and we also offer loose tea in 18lbs boxes.

We carry creamer and sugar in both individual packets and in canisters. Sugar is available in a 10lb
bag. Our Coffee Mate creamers come in individual servings in various flavors and original Coffee
Mate is also available in a pump. We stock Stevia, Sugar in the Raw, Sweet N Low and other sugar
substitutes in individual packets.

Prefer cappuccino? We have the machines for that and seven flavors for your pleasure!

We work hard to bring our customers the best quality, widest selection available anywhere. Our
coffee delivery people will keep your machines clean and your pantries stocked to your needs; keep
your employees alert and energized!
**We provide water filtration systems that can be hooked directly to
your coffee brewer; this ensures that you have the freshest,
cleanest, best tasting coffee possible! Call today for information on
providing your employees with the healthiest, best tasting water
Robert's Coffee has expanded into the convenience
store market. Call to get prices on our full line of
also supply signs and display boards
Robert and Jo Ann with a sign custom designed for a
convenience store carrying our premium coffee
Kathleen Adams and Robert Crawley at the 2012 Business Expo
Freddy Ybarra